• Daniel and Anne in Siolim on their 1st anniversary :)

    Posted on September 17, 2012 by admin in Blog and pictures.

    Daniel and Anne are taking a break from their Hyderabad life to come enjoy Goa’s relaxed season. They stayed with us at Siolim House for our delight.

    Today is Ganesh festival, so the fish market isn’t so full, but it gives a relief from the crowd.

    Today’s menu for the class is Rock Fish Rechead, prawn caldine , chicken cafreal and veg pulau. Eric, our staff and fish specialist, is showing how to cut the fish to stuff it with rechad masala.

    Daniel is very keen on scaling and preparing the fish, while Anne prefers handling the coconut ;)


    Below is the fish rechead splitting into two on the pan…

    At the end they finished 4 really nice curries. Hopefully already tried the new recipes back home :)




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