• For Kate’s birthday, the Doesburgs cook together

    Posted on September 15, 2012 by admin in Blog and pictures.

    Today’s cooking class is Eric’s gift for Kate as she’s celebrating her birthday in Goa.

    The market is busy today as it is the pre-Ganesh holiday. During the Ganesh celebrations, hindus abstain from non-vegetarian food. That’s why everybody is buying fish before the market closes down. The recipe of the day is fried mullet, prawn Caldine, chicken Xacuti and Goan pulau, but Pai picked a squid and Finn picked a small fish to cook along the curries.

    Pai and Finn are learning how to prepare the fishes and recognize the spices, while the Kate and Eric cook the Goan curries.

    At the end the whole family enjoyed the lunch together and celebrated Kate’s birthday. We had a fun time at Little Siolim with the kids.



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