Our values

We believe that Goa is a beautiful haven of peace, with a vivid history and a vibrant culture. Over the last decades, as tourism and development have risen and made this place more commercial, the cultures have diluted and the traditions are slowly dying away. We, at Siolim Cooking School, want to preserve the culinary culture that has made Goa so taste- and colorful, and want to transmit it to gourmet visitors and curious souls. Our cooks are pure Goans who have learnt the cuisine from their ancestors and are passionate about it.

We also want to preserve the way ingredients are grown and chosen, that’s why we get our products only from local villagers and local markets, who grow vegetables traditionally in their garden. We do not pollute Goa with plastic bags that’s why we make local and natural choices. Lastly, we grow herbs and some vegetables in our own garden, to show people that anybody can grow food, and simple techniques that avoid the use of chemicals.

We hope that you also share our values and have an delightful experience during your class with us.


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